Laura Parducci, PI - I am a molecular ecologist with a passion for ancient DNA studies. I am interested in studying how plants adapted and changed their distribution ranges in response to past climate changes but also how they live or impact on cultural heritage material like statues and monuments. In my group we use DNA isolated from ancient substrates like sediments, paintings and manuscripts to characterize samples important for historical, archeological or ecological reconstructions. To increase the taxonomic resolution of our identifications we are developing molecular techniques based on the shotgun sequencing and hybridization capture approach. 

Since 1994 I have worked in Sweden at Uppsala University and from November 2019 I returned to Italy where I am Associate Professor at Sapienza University of Rome. I have a BSc/MSc in Agricultural Sciences (1991), a PhD in Forest Genetics (2000) and a Swedish 'Docentur' in Plant Ecology (2012).


Francesca Benedetti, La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy (Erasmus student); Luca Turolo,Trieste University, Italy (Erasmus student); Katerina Tasiouli, Thessaloniki University, Greece (Erasmus student); Tamara  Van Steijn Uppsala University, Sweden (internship), Marco Aurelio Marangoni Sapienza University, Italy (visiting researcher); Maria Elisa Pierfederici University of Parma, Italy (internship); Engy Ahmed Stockholm Univrsity(Postdoc); Anne von Woerkom Umeå University, Sweden (visiting researcher); Matias Tasel Uppsala University, Sweden (BSc student); Masoumeh Aahmoudi Shamsabad Tehran University, Iran (PhD student); Giulia Ghirardello Italy (internship); Katerina Günter Germany (internship); Lu Han China (Postdoc); Sonia Fontana Germany (Postdoc); Kathleen Crossen Queen’s University, Belfast (PhD student); Kevin Fletcher UK (interneship); Irina Matetovici Hungary (internship); Linda Albinsson Uppsala. University (BSc student).