The group led by Laura Parducci is based at the Department of Evironmental Biology at Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) and temporarily also at the department of Plant Ecology at Uppsala University (Sweden). We use DNA to identify species from ancient substrates to characterize samples important for historical, archeological and ecological reconstructions.

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2021 October - Two new PhD positions assigned in our group! Welcome to Jessica Rampazzo  and Martina Farese! - October 4 come and listen to our Mini-Symposium "Recovering DNA from sedimentary archives'.  2021 July - Are you a researcher who wants to collaborate with us? You can apply for a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship with Sapienza as host institution if you meet the participation requirements. June - Guest PhD coursea Sapienza Univrsity on Modeling Species Distribution with Bob Muscarella from Uppsala University photos here. January - The sedaDNA scientific society is born! 2020 December - With Giorgio Manzi's group at La Sapienza we received large-size grants from the University Research Call. September - Tim Temizyurek (Meme MSc students) join our group. July - Sapienza has published PhD Call 2020-21 / 36th Cycle and assigned 12 postgraduate PhD positions in Environmental & Evolutionary Biology - Sapienza University publis theBE-FOR-ERC Call and assign fellowships for research projects of excellence. March - Online Ancient Environmental DNA Cyberinfrastructure Workshop organised by Neotoma and the University of Wisconsin. January - Erasmus students Luca Turolo and Katerina Tasiouli join our group. 2019 - October Laura start working at Sapienza University and is guest researcher at Uppsala University. July - We organize an ancient DNA session at the INQUA conference, Dublin. May - Fieldwork sampling ancient spruce clones in Dalarana and Jämtland, Sweden photos here. April - Laura elected chairman of the Swedish Phytogeographical Society SVS - Jill Pelto visits our Uppsala lab and sorganised 2 exhibitions at Uppsala and Tromsø Universities photos here. 2018 November - Apply for a postdoc position in our group at the Linnean Centre for Plant Biology! May - Together with the SVS Society we visited Monticchio Lake in southern Italy photos here. May - Linnaeus’ Day in Uppsala to celebrate Linnaeus’ birthday photos here. June - We organized a session on ancient DNA from at the IPAL/IAL meeting in Stockholm 2017 November - The Swedish ScieLifeLab awards funding  to our group within the Swedish Biodiversity Program. July - We organize an ancient  DNA session at the SEB meeting in Göteborg photos here. August - New Phd student recruited: welcome to Kevin Nota in our group! March - Together with Katerina Guschanski we set up a new ancient DNA labotatory. July - Göt the date for the annual SEB meeting in Gothenburg as we organized a two-days session on Palaeogenomics and Ancient DNA. 2016 November - The Swedish Research Council Formas awards funding for our research on metagenomic from ancient lake sediments. October - At GFZ in Potsdam we  sample sedimentary material from Monticchio long record for shotgun DNA analyses. September - The Swedish ScieLifeLab awards long-term bioinformatic support (WABI) to our group on metagenomic from ancient sediments. May - Outreaching at the Linnaeus’ Day in Uppsala to celebrate Linnaeus’ birthday photos here March -  ScieLifeLab symposium on Ancient environmental DNA photos here. 2015 April -  PhD course on Modeling Species Distribution under Past and Future Climate with Signe Normand from Aarhus University.