Marco Aurelio Marangonfrom Sapienza University, Italy; Maria Elisa Pierfederici from University of Parma, Italy; Anne von Woerkom from Umeå University, Sweden; Matias Tasel BSc student from Uppsala University, Sweden; Masoumeh Aahmoudi Shamsabad PhD student from Tehran University, Iran; Giulia Ghirardello from Italy; Katerina Günter  from Germany;  Lu Han postdoc from China; Sonia Fontana postdoc from Germany; Kathleen Crossen PhD student from Queen’s University, Belfast; Kevin Fletcher from UK; Irina Matetovici from Hungary and Linda Albinsson my first MSc student, from Sweden.

Laura Parducci, PhD

Associate Professor 

Department of Evironmental Biology 

Sapienza University of Rome

Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185, Rome, Italy

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