Marco Aurelio Marangoni from Sapienza University, Italy; Maria Elisa Pierfederici from University of Parma, Italy; Anne von Woerkom from Umeå University, Sweden; Matias Tasel BSc student from Uppsala University, Sweden; Masoumeh Aahmoudi Shamsabad PhD student from Tehran University, Iran; Giulia Ghirardello from Italy; Katerina Günter  from Germany;  Lu Han postdoc from China; Sonia Fontana postdoc from Germany; Kathleen Crossen PhD student from Queen’s University, Belfast; Kevin Fletcher from UK; Irina Matetovici from Hungary and Linda Albinsson my first MSc student, from Sweden.

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Laura Parducci, PdD

Associate Professor 

Department of Evironmental Biology 

Sapienza University of Rome

Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185, Rome, Italy