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Marco Aurelio Marangoni  arrived recently and will be working on metabarcoding analysis of environmental DNA from lake sediments.

Graduate students

Kevin Nota (PhD student). In his project Kevin is using shotgun sequencing and metabarcoding of serially sampled datasets from environmental DNA extracted from lake sediments from northern and southern Europe. Aims of his project is to relate biodiversity with climate change and to test glacial survival of Norway spruce in Scandinavia. He also testing the single-cell sequencing technique on ancient pollen.

Undergraduate students

Anne von Woerkom (research visitor) is working together with Kevin and Matias Tasel (BSc student) in the ancient DNA lab on on project investigating the glacial survival of Picea abies in Scandinavia using qPCR.

Alessadro Nobile (research visitor) work with us in the modern DNA lab on on project investigating the origin of Styrax officinalis from Italy.

Tamara Van Steijn (research training student) working in the modern and in the ancient DNA lab on several projects running in our group.

Other people with whom I am collaborating...


Masoumeh Aahmoudi Shamsabad (PhD student) from Iran. She has been working with us for 7 months conducting part of her PhD work on the phylogeny and phylogeography of the Iran-Turanian species-complex Achantophyllum squarrosum.

Giulia Ghirardello (internship student) worked in the modern DNA lab and on a project for the construction a reference plant DNA sequence database for mapping and shotgun sequencing data.

Engy Ahmed (postdoc) from Egypt, she worked for two years in our group and was based at the SciLifeLab in Stockholm. She run a project testing shotgun metagenomics on lake sediments.

Katerina Günter (internship student) completed her traineeship working on single pollen grains isolated from lake sediments for sequencing.

Lu Han (postdoc) from China. She worked with Engy Ahmed on metagenomics from ancient lake sediments and on other projects dealing with the analysis of ancient DNA from plant remains.

Sonia Fontana (postdoc) is now back to Germany after working with us doing macrofossils and pollen analyses on Swedish and Norwegian lake sediments.

Kathleen Crossen (PhD student) comes from Queen’s University in Belfast. She defended her thesis on the population dynamics of past and present populations of Pinus sylvestris in north-west Scotland (Wester Ross) and Ireland. She run part of her PhD project in our ancient DNA. 

Irina Matetovici (internship student) completed her traineeship using  metabarcoding from lake sediments to investigate vegetation change

in northern Europe

Linda Albinsson (MSc student) . Completed her MSc thesis in 2003.

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